A word from Vice President Dan Utz

COPE is a fellowship of Christian believers who are taking the gospel of Jesus forgiveness and grace to people in prison and their families.
​There has been a generation of people who have lived a "hell bent" life but encountered Jesus. Their lives changed and they have had a tremendous life of ministry, serving God and fellowman in prisons across America and the world.
​We are at a place now, where those men and women are moving over to heaven and the first of the next harvest is showing up. Young men and women who met Jesus through their incarceration are now ready to go back inside and share the hope they found.
The Challenge:
​do we just "fulfill our calling" by staying focused on our ministry only because "funds are limited"  Or begin walking with the next generation to empower them to go, be all that God has called them to be.
​Extending our ministry by empowering others and not being threatened by someone else doing ministry who may be "tapping into my resources"?
​This in not our business! It's God's business! There is more than enough to go around!
COPE is a Fellowship of prison related ministries.
​We pray for each other
​We pray WITH each other
We share the knowledge of experience
​We care for ministries as much as we care about inmates
We don't have to impress anyone but God our Father
We walk in step with the Holy Spirit
​We meet together to be a refresher to others and for our own refreshing and encouragement when we need it.
COPE is a "Coming Home" place to "Be Real" ( Chaplain Max Jones)
​Heaven will be happy as we play nice together. The day of big shots has passed.
Passing the faith along is our mission.
I Corinthians 13
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